Kamasutra in Sanskrit is known as Vatsayan Kamasutra, which is an ancient Indian Hindu literature on human sexual behavior. In Hindi Kama means sexual pleasure and Sutra means a line or a thread which holds love, pleasure and life together. Here are the details about the history of Indian kamasutra, how to make love as mentioned in the ancient text, list of books written on it and the different types of poses.

  • How can Kamasutra Improve your Love Life

    How can Kamasutra Improve your Love Life

    Here are some of the Kamasutra positions from this ancient compilation to help you better the intimacy level that you share with your partner.

  • How to Discuss Kamasutra with your Partner

    How to Discuss Kamasutra with your Partner

    Want to discuss Kamasutra with your partner to make the act even more pleasurable? Just communicate positive feelings before experimenting tips mentioned in the Kamasutra.

  • 5 Kamasutra Foreplay Tips

    5 Kamasutra Foreplay Tips

    The Kamasutra catalogues the art of foreplay. Because sex is not just a matter of sexual intercourse, everything counts, right from a kiss to an embrace.

  • Why Kamasutra is Important for Youth

    Why Kamasutra is Important for Youth

    Kamasutra is a manual for human sexual anatomy. Kamsutra has a wide appeal on intimacy & lovemaking positions. Here's why is it so important for the youth?

  • What is Kamasutra?

    What is Kamasutra?

    Kamasutra is a love manual that has 7 parts dealing with various aspects of living a graceful sexual life. Kamsutra also states that sex has health benefits.

  • Love Teachings of Kamasutra

    Love Teachings of Kamasutra

    Love teachings of Kamasutra: The love teachings of Kamasutra give an insight into making love how it should be i.e. with love and compassion.

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