Top 5 Places to make love

Relationship Help - Farm land, train compartment, golf course and hood of your car are some unusual places for having exciting sex.

Tilottama Chatterjee
DatingWritten by: Tilottama ChatterjeePublished at: Mar 28, 2013
Top 5 Places to make love

Familiarity breeds contempt, so you need to mix it up a bit to get the chemistry going again. For that you have to try something new. Basically have sex where you normally would not make love but somewhere else, like in a drive or in a swimming pool.


Top 5 Places to Make Love


This article sets out to explore five places where a couple can enjoy glorious sex.

A farmer's field

When you are out on a drive in the country and take shelter amongst the tall grass or sugarcane fields where you will be hidden from view and have a fabulous ‘roll in the hay’, much like the episode in the movie Match Point.Read more: New Places to Have Sex - Cosmopolitan


A coupe compartment on a train

The privacy of the coupe will turn your mind towards love making and the movement of the train may make it more exciting, turning it into your exclusive passion playground.


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A golf course

There are thunderstorm shelters in most golf courses. These shed –like structures are placed in remote areas, and unless it starts to pour, no one will come near them. So you can have a great romp in the shelter with the green all around.


A rowboat

It is possible to rent a boat by the lake and turn it into a great love-making excursion. You have to row the boat out to a remote area, free of other people. Once there get into a missionary position which allows to staying low and out of view. The gentle aping of the waves against the sides of the boat is expected to heighten the love-making.


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The hood of your car

You can spread a blanket on top of the hood of your car parked in a remote spot, get out of the backseat, the classic lovemaking spot, and climb on to the hood for a happy bout of love-making under the stars.


Here are a few more:

  • On a hike: To make love in the great outdoors without needing to lie down on the dirt, search for a big boulder away from the trail. With your back against the rock, hidden from view, you can have great sex and enjoy the scenery.
  • At a beach: Find a secluded place among the palm groves, perhaps behind a large fishing boat. Lying on the sand with the sound of the waves in your ears, the palm fronds up above opening up to a blue sky and the surf rolling in at times makes a perfect setting for making love.
  • In a private swimming pool: This could be a great spot for love making. Beginning with a shower together with an oil massage, can set the scene for a dive into the pool to consummate the actsss.
  • In the bath: Turning up the water to a warm setting, having a bath together while sitting one on top of the other followed by massaging and soaping could be a perfect place to make love, especially if you have the use of a telephone shower.




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