Top Five things Women want in Bed

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Jun 28, 2011

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Couple in bedThe secret’s out! Read on to find out the top five things women want in bed:

  • Be vocal about sex, sex problems and other sex-related discussions. Discuss her turn-on points and ask her what she is most comfortable with. Most women are often left unsatisfied because of this. Sex does not always work on telepathy and women want their partners to know what is in her mind and this can be done through intimate discussions on sex. You might just discover some exciting and naughty sexual fantasy of hers!
  • Women like reciprocity in bed. Be proactive and not self-centred. The act of making love involves two people. Therefore, put in some thought into gauging her body language and subtle signals.
  • Pamper your woman in bed. Introduce a back or foot rub in the foreplay and see sparks fly!
  • Women absolutely love pillow talk in bed. So turning away after sex and falling into a deep slumber will be a critical mistake. Five minutes of loving cooing will let her feel that you actually care about the sexual relationship that you share with her.
  • Women love surprises in general. So why not give her a surprise in bed? If you have a few tricks up your sleeve then your lady love will appreciate and love the fact that you are trying to help your relationship become more spicy. 


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