To remain lovingly detached

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Dec 31, 2010

To keep the self in control, to give others the space they want, the readiness to accept that some things and people cannot be changed, to be able to keep oneself unaffected by the surroundings working towards making the self weak-willed is what is termed as detachment . It's about taking care of all the responsibilities while keeping the anxiety at bay.


When you are under stress, you propel yourself towards a world of problems where there is no word called detachment exits, detachment from the worldly miseries. Here in this world people seem to be enjoying being in pain. They are not  detached from the problems around, there is  stress which they apparently love to take, anger which seems to be their best friend, revenge, which when they take become their own enemies and all this  ultimately show them the way to humiliation. Here people take delight in vexing others. As a result, they forget their real goal, the goal for which they have been sent in this world. Who is the loser then? Obviously, the one who is attached to all the negativity which in reality makes him or her detached from all the heavenly intrinsic worth which would have helped him or her comprehend the true meaning of their existence.


Detachment, as according to God, is not what people often mistaken for staying away from the family or backing away from responsibilities. Take care of your loved ones without being rude and over possessive. Respect their decisions. Guide them to choose the right path more willingly than making decisions for them. Give them freedom to be themselves.


Learn to accept that there are things in life which you cannot change and if you try to do so you will actually make yourself unhappy.  Having control over words, thoughts, and deeds is what detachment as per Him.  There is nothing wrong in possessing the quality called attachment or affection. But, it should be related to things which are associated with God to help you in a constructive way. Giving love to others, caring for the loved ones and the needy, helping those who look at you with hope, keeping faith in yourself and God, etc, are the forms of positive attachment as these are linked with the Almighty.


True attachment is in keeping yourself detached from all the materialist problems. Do the tasks which you have to do with a sense of confidence minus unnecessary hiccups. Keep yourself detached from things which distract you from attaining what you have been wanting to. He has sent everyone on this earth with a particular motive which we all need to figure out. We need to keep ourselves connected with Him who gives us strength to take care of our responsibilities lovingly and not for the sake of doing so.  Every step of ours towards him will detach us from all the evil traits called maya one day, which holds us back from accomplishing our real objective.  


Get rid of the fear of detachment,

As it doesn't ask you to live a lonesome life,

But to divest yourself of stress   hives;  

It's doesn't tell to sacrifice all attachments,But to purge obstacles in the way to accomplishment! 

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