Tips to Start a Conversation on a First Date

A good conversation on a first date can make a positive impact on your date. A nice and confident talk can make your date successful and memorable.

Aparna Mir
DatingWritten by: Aparna MirPublished at: Mar 30, 2012
Tips to Start a Conversation on a First Date

Tips to Start a Conversation on a First DateFirst date brings a lot of eagerness and excitement. Apart from the rush of excitement, people also get nervous about how to start a conversation when on their first date. People judge each other by the way they talk.  Therefore to make a long lasting impression you have to be confident in whatever you say.

A conversation can make your date good or bad. That is why you should plan properly about having the conversation on the first date. You can follow a few tips  to start a conversation on a first date:

  • Before starting the conversation, make sure that your date is comfortable and relaxed with you. Don’t ask too many questions. Choose topics that are funny, simple and light-hearted.  Start talking on a topic that is common for both of you. This will ease the awkwardness of the first meeting and your date will start enjoying your company.
  • Do not involve yourself in any debate. Avoid getting too personal on the first date. It’s better not to ask any personal questions. Don’t ask any questions related to your families on the first date.
  • While conversing, make sure you are also listening to your date. Take interest in whatever he/she is telling you. Don’t rush to start a new topic.
  • Sharing light and funny stories or incidents are also a nice way to keep the conversation going. By doing this you are sharing your personal information without getting too serious. This will keep your date’s interest level alive.
  • You can always share your professional dreams, goal and achievements with your date. This will help your date to know you better and will keep your conversation going.
  • Discuss about each other’s interests and hobbies. It will help you explore your date’s thinking and preferences. It will help you to understand each other well. If your interests match, there is a possibility that your relationship will last long.
  • On a first date, don’t brag. Be yourself. Talking excessively about yourself does not give a good impression.  It’s always nice to show your positive side, but praising yourself can put off your date’s mood.
  • Never talk about previous relationships. Don’t ask your date anything depressing. Avoid discussing on topics such as political issues, money, social issues, sex and religion. Don’t talk on anything that annoys your date.

On the first date, talk confidently and show your positive side. Take interest in the conversation. A good relaxed conversation can do wonders for you when on a date.



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