Tips to keep your Abs Sexy all round the year

Weight Loss- If you are looking for ways to get sexy abdominals, here are a few tips that will come in handy

Bushra Kafeel
Weight ManagementWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Nov 22, 2011
Tips to keep your Abs Sexy all round the year

Each one of us wants to have sexy abdominals. Owning a pair of brawny abs is more than just looking good; it keeps you healthy and helps build a good posture. Follow these steps to keep your abs sexy all round the year.


Eat Healthy

To get a lean mid-section, you must include whole, fresh, minimally processed natural food in your diet. Furthermore, try to acquire your daily calorie intake from healthy food instead of sugar-packed beverages.

Don’t Feast at Breakfast

Make sure you give a healthy start to your day. Have a nutritious breakfast that includes a good amount of protein in the form of fish or whole wheat. Many people prefer consuming a breakfast that includes an assortment of coffee, orange juice and cheese sandwich, to name a few.

Be Mindful at every Bite

Experts are of the view that people, who eat full stomach during lunch often, feel the urge to take a nap soon after. One should eat until he/she is 80 percent full. Eating moderately is more satisfying and energy boosting. Follow this simple tip and you'll be much more vital and happier.

Include waist-slimming food in your diet. Food that is high in fiber such as berries and beans can help you get rid of belly fat and assume that sexy flat stomach you have been wishing for.

Say no to ‘Liquid Calories’

Make sure that you don’t depend on unhealthy calories. Beverages that are sold today are packed with high sugar. Even a glass of sugar chalked drink or artificial junk can add fat to your abs.


Some of the exercises that can help you to get sexy abs include:
•    Bicycle Exercise.
•    Chair Leg Raise.
•    Ball Crunch.
•    Vertical Leg Crunch.
•    Long Arm Crunch.
•    Reverse Crunch.
•    Crunch with Heel Push.
•    Plank on Elbows and Toes.
Any combination of the above mentioned exercises will help you get the abs of your dream, but make sure that you consult an expert before commencing with your workout regime.


If your aim is to get flat and sexy abs, you must never forget cardio exercises. Invest at least 30 to 40 minutes to work out and get rid of your body fat, especially abdominal fat. To add some fun to your workout, try to be creative with the cardio exercises.