Tips to Improve Prostate Health

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Sep 09, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Prostate is situated below the bladder in men.
  • It is part of the reproductive system in men and crucial for sexual health.
  • Proper care can help you keep your prostate healthy.
  • If ignored, prostate may develop several disorders including cancer.

Prostate is an important organ located right below the bladder, in front of the bowel, forming a part of the male reproductive system. The walnut sized organ is in the shape of a donut and produces a fluid that enriches and protects the sperm. It surrounds the urethra and is surrounded by nerves that control erection. The disorders of the prostate usually don't show any early sign and may go unnoticed initially.

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Common symptoms of prostate disorders include increased and sudden urge to urinate, painful ejaculation, blood in semen or urine, poor flow during urination, difficulty or discomfort during urination and poor libido. Men usually ignore problems with prostate considering the symptoms to be natural results of aging. While ignoring the symptoms for long may allow the problem to get worse, earlier diagnosis and treatment can prevent complications. You can consider following these tips to keep your prostate healthy.

Get your Prostate checked Regularly

Most men don't care about their prostate as much they care about their heart or even hair. To keep your prostate healthy you should ask about your prostate health and get it checked every time you visit your doctor.

Monitor the Sign and Symptoms

If you experience any symptoms related to a prostate disorder, don't ignore it. Observe it carefully and notice if the symptoms appear again. If you experience an increased frequency of the symptoms, immediately schedule an appointment with your doctor. Ignoring the symptoms may allow the problem to grow worse. However early detection can easily treat a problem related to your prostate.

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Check the Test Results

One of the best ways to keep your prostate healthy is to regularly get a blood test done to know the homocysteine levels which directly indicate a lot about your prostate along with other organs. High homocysteine levels may indicate a problem with your prostate occurring due to deficiency of nutrient such as zinc, B vitamins and tri-methyl-glycine. Eat a healthy diet full of natural and healthy foods to get all the necessary nutrients in proper amount. Switch to a diet that includes foods such as whole foods, oats, whole fruits, green leafy vegetables and muesli and avoid processed cereals, packed foods, jam s and juices. Make sure that you get ample zinc, lycopene, selenium, amino acids, isoflavones, B vitamins and antioxidants. The herb saw palmetto has been found very effective in improving prostate health.


Avoid Alcohol and Beverages

Alcohol may harm your prostate and overall health. Limit your alcohol consumption to keep your prostate healthy. Also don't overdrink coffee. Limit caffeine intake. Cut on your sweet drinks too. Avoid sodas and sugary beverages and switch to healthy drinks and food substitutes.


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