Tips to Prevent Candidiasis

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Jan 23, 2012

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Candida is present in the mouth, stomach, and vagina of healthy people, but does not cause infections. Candidiasis occurs due to an overgrowth of candida. Yeast infections can affect healthy children, women and men. The infection occurs more commonly in people, who have a poor immune system, are diabetic and elderly. There is no definite way to prevent candidiasis (oral thrush, vaginal yeast infections and diaper rash) or more serious forms of candidiasis. Some ways in which it may be prevented or decreased include:

Wear appropriate attire: Women are more likely than men to develop candida infection. Women prone to develop vaginal yeast infection should make sure that they are always wearing appropriate clothes.  Wear clothes that allow your skin to “breathe” i.e. clothes that don’t cling to the skin or those that are made of cotton. Wearing tight clothes made of synthetic fabric can cause perspiration and moisture to accumulate on the skin and promote growth and infection with candida. Avoiding undergarments that are excessively tight is important. If your clothes or undergarments become wet due to perspiration or swimming, change your wet clothes immediately and dry your body off with a dry towel.

Choose products you use carefully: Women should choose useful products wisely to avoid candidiasis. Scented body sprays, deodorants, scented powders, scented tampons, panty liners and douches can cause or worsen a yeast infection in some women. Avoid using products with fragrances to decrease the chances of getting vaginal yeast infection. Vaginal douching should not be done if not recommended by your doctor. Excessive douching can cause yeast infection and spread the infection from the external region to the interior vaginal region.

Maintain appropriate hygiene: Yeast infection such as skin or diaper rash and vaginal yeast infection, oral thrush etc can be avoided if you keep body clean at all times such as taking showed after a workout. Make sure that you dry your body before wearing fresh clothes and maintain oral hygiene. If you wear dentures, ensure to clean them thoroughly after each use. To avoid diaper rashes in children, frequent diaper changes and the use of rash-barrier creams can help.

Eat healthy: Eating healthy not only promotes good health but also helps prevent yeast infection. Some experts say that processed food can increase the risk of yeast infection in a person. Your doctor can advise you more on food that should be eaten or avoided to decrease your risk of yeast infection.

Watch your medications: Antibiotics increase the risk of yeast infection when used for a prolonged period. Do not take antibiotics without your doctor’s advice and use the medications as recommended by your doctor.


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