10 Tips for Intimate Relationships

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Jul 07, 2011

Tips for Intimate Relationships

Intimate relationships are all about two people nurturing each other. Here’s how you can enhance your life with that treasured one you call your soul mate:




Love is innately selfish and do not be ashamed to demand your lover’s time and attention. But there is something called desperation which is never an attractive trait. Make sure to draw your own boundaries as no one can be with you twenty four hours a day.


Quality Time


That brings us to the question of how much is enough? The idea is to cherish the moments you both spend together. Whether it is time to do what he wants or what she wants. If you’re making him/ her simply an object to satisfy your narcissistic needs, it is not love. 


Mutual Respect


Intimacy cannot be achieved without respect. Every person comes with certain baggage. Be it emotional, professional or social. If you cannot deal with it and make room for both of you to grow you should not go further in your relationship.




Great sex keeps a couple together. However, do not use it as means to an end but as an end itself. If you two are attracted to each other and the chemistry is as great as you first met you are in for a treat. If not, discuss how you both can excite each others’ passions in a better way.


Mutual Secrets


Partners in any small crime make for great intimacy. If you two share even small silly secrets about things you both like or do it is a recipe for love. If it’s a bit naughty it’s all the more better. For eg. if you both share a harmless fetish it can be your secret alone to enjoy.




Pumping adrenaline together is perhaps the best way to feel close to someone. Risky yet safe activities like mountain climbing, swimming in the ocean, skinny dipping or bungee jumping can greatly enhance the feeling of being together and intimate with your partner.




Recommended no more than a tangy pinch as overdoing it even slightly can cause damage. Mild flirtation with a stranger in front of your partner or dropping your jaw at the sight of a hot model on TV can keep your lover on his or her toes to protect you as the most important interest in their lives. 




Before you write off material things as a shallow expression of love you should be aware that gifts do matter less. The great idea behind that wrapped box is the gesture. The fact that you remembered an anniversary or just want to show your love can do wonders for your relationship.




In the life of even the most successfully intimate couple a routine can set in. Watch out for boredom patterns and break those with adventurous interventions. Doing something off colour and surprising your partner with your creativity leads to a deeper bond.




While it is true that no one can invest their complete selves into a relationship all the time you need to prioritise your partner up in the scale as much as you can. When you are always looking to include him or her in your life they will be moved to do the same. The two to tango rule applies in this case.


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