Tips for a Great Sex Life

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Mar 17, 2012

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Tips for a Great Sex LifeSex is an important part of any human being’s life and it is definitely possible for one to feel overtly in need of it after the first time. How would you grade your sex life? If you have had fits of boredom while makin love, stopped your partner from moving his/her hands freely or let your mind wander elsewhere, it is time you realise that you don’t have a great sex life. Tthe reason why it isn’t great may be because you are going through stress that you haven’t realised yet. Here are tips to have a great sex life.



Take up a Pillow Talk

While some may not like small talk before and after sex, nobody would dislike you talking about what you expect from it. Tell your partner what you want, what you like etc ask him/her the same. Target trust and openness while you are talking about your likes and dislikes in bed. Studies have proved that if you have a better understanding of what your partner wants, you will experience a heightened sense of erotica.

Don’t Believe the Chat at Work

When men talk about their sex life, they tend to puff up to their peers though they end of thinking that their sex life lacks something even if for another, it is just perfect. They think that other men have it wilder and better. Do not listen to other men because they are most likely exaggerating. Thinking that other men are enjoying more will make you lose confidence while you are making love and increase your expectations, which may or may not be possible for your partner to fulfil, thereby making you feel that your potential to excite your partner or vice versa has died.



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