Tips for Great Postpartum Sex

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Dec 05, 2011

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Tips for great postpartum sexIf you cannot stop wondering about the effect of pregnancy on your ability to have sex, relax! Although your body and mind react differently and your baby also makes everything different after delivery, sex life can actually become more enjoyable. Just be willing to take into your stride some changes, and it will be great.


Tips to have Great Postpartum Sex

  • Be patient – Your hormone levels have declined after delivery, and your body will take some time to regain it. If you have been breastfeeding, the hormones would take even longer to get back to its normal level. Moreover, you should also be emotionally ready to start everything all over again.
  • Birth control – There are some cases of women who realise two months after delivering their baby that they got pregnant as they took a chance. Do not be one of them.
  • Try to know each other better – After delivery, both of you need to adjust your lives to being parents. That is true even for couples who have more than one child. So, try some intimate acts such as having a shower together to know each other better.
  • Be spontaneous – Do not wait for bedtime if you feel ready to have sex. Adding some spice to your sex life can help you bring back memories of your teen years.
  • Talk about it – You must resolve all your fears of the possible damage, if at all, due to sexual intercourse. It can be about the repair needed in your body after an episiotomy, or some stitches that you may have had.
  • Kegel Exercises – These exercises toughen up your pelvic muscles. Sexual desire can be boosted because of this as improved muscle tone can make you feel capable again.
  • You don’t have to do it every day – Quality rather than quantity is important in having sex. So, you do not have to do it daily. Even a week may be allowed to go past without doing it. Figure out when you both are ready and only then indulge.
  • Lubrication – You must be moist enough to take the impact. You and your partner should wait till that is sorted out. Try to get some artificial lubricants if you feel you must begin right away.


By following some or all of the tips given here, you can hope to have a great sex life after delivery.

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