Tips for Talking to a Guy on Phone

Plan your phone call ahead in time so that you know how to start a conversation with your guy. Initially it will be a little awkward but once you’ve hit it off with him, it will be an easy ride.

Gunjan Rastogi
Written by: Gunjan RastogiUpdated at: Jun 21, 2012 15:07 IST
Tips for Talking to a Guy on Phone

Tips for Talking to a Guy on PhoneInitially, you may find it difficult to talk to a guy on the phone. Talking about mutual likings or the things that are of interest to him will help you to carry a smooth conversation. Read the tips for talking to a guy on the phone and soon you will find yourself enjoying the chat.


Spontaneous Conversation

Before calling your guy, spend a few minutes thinking about his interests. This will make it easy for you to continue the conversation. If he wants to talk about his favourite sport or a book, you should think of a couple of questions to prevent awkward silence from your side. Gather some information on his likings and work your way through the conversation so that it doesn’t look calculated.

What to ask?

Once you have started the conversation and want to know more of him, restrain yourself from asking questions such as “Which is your favourite colour or favourite food or favourite actor?”. These questions are common enough and would not interest your guy. Think out of the box and come out with some innovative as well as interesting questions, such as “What are your pet peeves?”, “What do you like to do for fun?” and “What is your idea of an ideal relationship?”.

Be a Good Listener

To have a good conversation, it is important that you listen as much as you speak. Let your guy speak, otherwise listening to you on the phone for 10 minutes or more without any contribution from his side may make him frustrated. Remember, if you have a lot to say, he may also have a lot of things to tell you. Let him talk too and you may find hundreds of reasons to call him again!

Be attentive to him

Be alert and reply to his questions. If he says something funny, laugh.  Do not give the impression that you could not get his joke or does not find it funny as this may offend him. Laughing together will help you to break the ice and if he is making you laugh, he will feel more at ease and conversing with each other will be much easier.

Say Bye

Ending the conversation at its peak would be the best idea. By this way, you may leave him wanting to talk to you further and thus, increasing your chances of receiving a phone call from him. In case he doesn’t seem to end the call, make a real or fake but believable excuse. The best time to say bye is the breaking point in the conversation. Use this time to politely end your conversation. Be patient and do not interrupt him or sigh loudly, as this makes you appear rude and may offend your guy.

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