Tips for After the First Date

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Jun 28, 2011

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Thinking whether you will see her again or not? The outcome of your first date can leave you confused about your next step. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips for after the first date:


  • Tell your date that you enjoyed being together before leaving. Some people choose to tell this in person and some choose to let their date know through a phone call. This can be a cue to ask your date if she/he is interested in further communication or not. However, one must remember that if it is a phone call then usually it should be done in two to three days’ time and it should never be too expressive or overtly emotional about how beautiful that evening was. Keep the call short and sweet.
  • Behave politely. Do not be a clinger after the first date and call your date incessantly. Give her/him some space and time to think before she/he makes that decision. But if your dates’ replies are quicker than you expected you know what to do!
  • Be prepared if your date is not willing to meet you anymore. Never ask for a reason in case of a no. It is obvious that something went wrong or you lacked chemistry.
  • Do not start expecting early. If you have just begun dating, then give the other person some space. Accommodating a new relationship in an individual’s life can be painstaking at times. Hence, your date might be nervous and under-confident with you initially, even though your date went on smoothly.
  • There might be times when you do not agree with the person. Never pretend. Being honest with your answers help in the long run.
  • It is not necessary that every first date will lead to a successful life long relationship. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your options open. A careful step can actually save you those breakup tears.
  • Now that a mutual decision has led to the beginning of a relationship, rethink the reason that made you like her/him. At times, individuals often mistake attraction for love or mutual admiration and this often makes it worse than one expects it to be.
  • Never take your first date to be a failure. Your date might not be the right person for you and hence you prepare yourself for another one.


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