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Oct 13, 2010

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With the wedding season stepping in with spring, here's how to make your suhaag raat the sexiest


The nuptial night is supposed to be every bride and groom's most sensuous personal experience. A lot has been said, written and hyped about it, but the basics of how you can make it sizzlingly special are often missed out on. A fresh reminder.


If it's a dark night 


The wedding procedures are strenuous, which could slay eroticism, even the foreplay. So, don't force yourself or each other into the act. Rather, wait for the early morning, when both of you recharged for a hearty act. PS: If one of the partners retires to bed, or looks disinterested, it isn't a pointer to a marriage-gone-wrong. Be patient and understand how the other may be tired.


Dil to bachcha hai ji


On the wedding night, act like an enthused youngster who teases, flirts, explores, tries mischief and shares everything that he has, and cherishes everything that you offer -- be it your body or your attention. Let go of inhibitions. Don't be conscious.


Stop it sometime before


If you and your partner have been in a relationship since long, stop savouring each other for a couple of weeks before marriage. Many couples do it for a fresh start on the first night, and it feels fabulous.


Play it like the turtle


Rabbits win, but only on racing tracks. On the bed, it's no rush hour -- winners take things gradually and take delight in every moment. Plus, it's helpful on a wedding night because the longer, the stronger.


Be realistic


Don't expect it to be the best night of your life. The lower your expectations, the better the experience.


'Book' your fate


No matter how well-versed you're with pleasure skills; there's always a scope for a little more counselling, which can be done through books, websites and that wonder site called Google.


Baaton baaton mein


Don't come to the act straight away, unless you want to be looked upon as a sex-starved creature that has spent his/her life anticipating that pounce. Take your time to know each other, cuddle up and roll in some romance. This would prolong the pleasure, and make both of you feel good.


Dress to impress


You would never present a diamond ring in a tissue paper. Would you? So why present yourself in a loosely stitched petticoat, when malls in the town sell the best of lingerie. Look the best that you can.


Set the mood


No that you can't have sex in a messy place, but that's not the 'just married' place he/she's looking forward to. Place some candles, dim the lights, scatter rose petals, spread a red or black satin sheet and play some good music so that there's no escaping the scene.



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