5 things women never tell men

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Jan 05, 2013

women menIt is a fact universally acknowledged that most of the time, men have no clue what women want.


And there are many men (peace be upon their names!) who actually want to find out what it is that makes their women tick.


So men, read on, because we’ve just made the job slightly easier for you. And women, we know you’re secretly smiling because haven’t you always wished he knew this or that without your having to tell him?


We talk


Tell us the truth now guys, you’ve suspected this all along, haven’t you? So yes. We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but our girlfriends know more about us than we care to admit to you. Err, and oh, about you too.


Women talk. That’s how they bond. They discuss, obsess, and discuss some more. And believe us when we tell you this, it’s good for you. If we didn’t talk to our girlfriends about it, we’d be talking to you, and do you really want to be at the other end of a discuss-obsess-discuss marathon? Yes. We know the answer is no. Go watch that match you have to, dear. Her friends need the room.


We are petrified of turning into our mothers


Don’t get this wrong. And don’t use it as an excuse next time you have to go have dinner with your girl’s mother. We love our mothers. Moms always know best, they make the most delicious food, always know how to make us feel better, are wonderful with the kids, and they are the most wonderful people on earth, but we just don’t want to become them. So, that means one of the worst things you can ever say to one of us is “you’re becoming just like your mother”. Dude, refrain.


We let you fix things


Sorry to break it to you, pal. Women know how to fix things. From screwdrivers to drills, we know how to use all the stuff that you have in your prized Tool Box. Most single women have had to grapple with these things and have, more often than not, come out tops, but we let you fix stuff. This can be for several reasons, like we don’t want to get our nail paint chipped, or we like to be ‘taken care of’, or we like to let you think you’re macho. And don’t you start complaining. It’s not like you don’t want to!

Our ex-boyfriends were hot


Of course they were, silly. Why else do you think we went out with them? But that does not mean that we love you less. You’re the one, okay? But the airs you like to put on are not so well deserved. And the last time we said, “You’re better than all of them put together,” of course we meant it, but we may have stretched the truth just a tiny little bit.


We are scared stiff of commitments


Just because a girl has dreamt of dream wedding since she was five, does not mean that she’s ready to marry the first guy that comes along. Commitment terrifies us too. We also worry. And we lose as much independence as you guys. Gone will be the days of late night partying and getting drunk with friends on rooftops. Your mom might not like that very much. We are very wary of getting into serious commitment as well. When asked about the issue of commitment to Fortis’s HOD Psychiatrist Dr Samir Malhotra, he assured that commitments are important for both. “With today’s day and age, commitment is something which one should nurture,” he insightfully stated.           

So, if you’re in a relationship with one of us, thank your lucky stars!

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