Things to Know about your Man

Relationship Help- Do you really know your man? There are certain things that your man is never going to tell you. This article includes the things that you must know about your man.

Sharanya Manola
DatingWritten by: Sharanya ManolaPublished at: Aug 09, 2011
Things to Know about your Man

And, you think you’re Miss Know-it-all? Let’s get to business and open up the Pandora's box for you!


He might not approve of all your friends


If you’re cribbing about your girlfriend backbiting then he would secretly want you to get rid of her. He doesn’t like to see you going through the rough patch as much as you do. If he doesn’t tell you this he’s only acting civil unless he complains that those set of unfaithful friends are trying to sabotage your relationship with him. You’re intelligent enough, aren’t you?

They ‘are’ Mama’s boys

If you’re a man reading this and want to disagree then take a deep breath. We know that, so stop grunting! My girls, however, shouldn’t cry foul on this because mama’s boys make the best husbands. But if he keeps insisting on getting his mother’s approval on every tad bit of his life’s nitty-gritty, then let him go away. Far away. Who wants to play second fiddle? Not you for sure! A man should know the importance of her life partner.

He wants to settle down eventually


Not all men want to stay bachelor’s life long. There are those who want to get married and may or may not want to have kids. They too, like you girls, are on a look out for the “perfect one”, their dream woman! Its not just you who would want a knight in shining armour to sweep you off your feet. He too wants to get bowled over by his lady luck!


His friends before you!


Okay embrace this fact and let it sink in that his male friends will always come before you. It’s an act of common decency because that is exactly what you would do when it comes to your friends. Let go! Don’t misconstrue their meeting as a round table conference where they are conspiring against you! Boys will be boys, if you know what we mean! While he is out you could indulge in some outing with your girlfriends. Give space to each other but also understand the difference between giving him space and a ‘royal’ ignore.




He’s checks out other women


Sure he does checks them out! What’s the harm? Of course there’s a definite streak of jealousy when he turns back to look at a pretty chic who passed by! If he’s not ogling at her then the odds are that he is only appreciating her and not getting into the comparative mode. You’re still the one he loves!  Never blurt, “is she prettier?” Your insecurity might be a turn off. And, why would he dish compliments when he knows you’re forcing him to!


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