10 Things to Ask Before Marriage

Relationship Help- Certain questions must be asked to fiancé before getting married. This will help you to lay strong foundation for your married relationship.

Bushra Kafeel
DatingWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jun 02, 2011
10 Things to Ask Before Marriage

Things to Ask Before Marriage

It is important to recognise the importance of asking questions before marriage. Many people just assume that they share good compatibility with their partner. However, most of such marriages fall apart in short frame of time. Here are 10 things to ask before marriage.


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  • Before asking any questions to your fiancé do some introspection as every individual have different priorities in life. You must discuss everything that you feel matters in your relationship.This will surely help your relationship after marriage.
  • Talk about your lifestyles and the kind of life you would like to have after your marriage. Ensure that you and your partner have similar wishes. Find out how your fiancé sees your relationship after five to six years from now and find out if your thinking matches.
  • Discuss about the finances: Financial matters are seen to be amongst the leading cause of marital disputes, so don’t hesitate in discussing financial matters with your fiancé. Share your financial status with your partner and find out if your partner is in debt. You must also discuss that whether your partner is comfortable with joint bank account or will you independently operate separate bank accounts. Find out that is your partner a saver or spender or do your financial goals match with each other.

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  • Mostly people expect that having children is an important thing after marriage but some don’t have desire to have a baby. The difference of opinion can create problem in your relationship after marriage. So make sure you ask your fiancé about how s/he feels about having and raising children.
  • Ask about the religious priorities of the person. Couples belonging to different religion often find difficulty in later stage of their marriage. For, instance your partner may strongly feel to raise their children according to certain religion. So it is better to mutually decide beforehand that which religion will be followed in your family.
  • Talk about the kind of friends you have and find out whether your partner is comfortable with them. Some people don’t like their partners to be over-friendly with people of other sex. So find out your fiancé’s stand on friendship and see that it goes with your thinking or not.


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  • The most important thing to ask before you get married is that whether your partner loves you or not. Do some introspection about your own feelings and find out what exactly do you like in your partner. For getting married it is very important that both of you truly love each other.
  • Don’t forget to ask your fiancé’s expectation from marriage. This will bring clarity to your relationship and help you to judge your stand.
  • Discuss about the comfort level you share. For a happy marriage it is very important that both of you are comfortable with each other. How you communicate and feel in each other’s company is really important. If you enjoy in your fiancé’s company then it is not necessary that s/he feels the same.  Ask your significant other and find out the reality.
  • If you think that you must know the past of your partner then directly ask whether s/he has been into any relationship. If there was any, then make sure that it doesn’t affect your marriage.


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