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Jan 13, 2017
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  • No relationship can survive without a little intimacy.
  • switching between poses isn’t fun.
  • Try out these things in bed with your partner to make things fun.

No relationship can survive without a little intimacy and by intimacy we mean by a little clawing, a bit of nibbling, some groping and a lot of love making. Love making is must; you cannot expect to have a great love story without some love making. Yes, indeed sex is important for a healthy relationship, plus sex can help you live longer as some studies suggest. So, make love and live longer but do remember to keep it spicy.


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Of course, no one likes just mundane love making sessions. You need to have variations and experimentations without compromising on the fun part. No, just switching between poses isn’t what we are talking about. We are talking about things that can make you go insane in bed and elevate the level of excitement.


It is a new year, your love making sessions should have something new too. There are always innovations. You must always experiment and try new things in bed with your partner. Just switching between poses can get really boring after a time.


Here is a list that can help you have more fun in bed.


  • Try some pain

Yes, some pain can spice up your love making sessions. You do not have to go extreme, just a little spanking, pinching and biting can turn the heat up. Your teeth on his neck can make him go nuts while his spanking will send you in frenzy.



  • Try some chocolate

No, we are not talking about flavoured condoms but some real chocolate. Yes, some molten chocolate or even Nutella on your body can make them salivate. He would do anything to lick off the chocolate from your boobs. You can play around with some whipped cream or strawberry jam and so on.



  • Tie him up

Sounds so boring right? But let us tell you the secret; just tying is boring, torturing is not. Yes, add mild torture. Tie him up, and then tickle him with your tongue. Of course, ou can switch the roles.



  • You can role play

Yes, role play will make things fun. You can be the teacher, let him be the naughty student or be a good girl to your daddy. The possibilities are endless, you just got to explore.



  • Try out the toys

Try out the sex toys on each other. What could be more fun than seeing your partner shivering with ecstasy? Nothing, we bet.


Turn your bed into a playground and play around. Make sure you are on the same team!




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