Things that make girlfriends better than boyfriends

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Aug 10, 2016
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  • In a relationship, a guy is considered the all-rounder.
  • There are many things that a guy cannot beat a girl at.
  • Girls take best selfies.
  • Girls remember all the dates.

Why only guys are called cool? Why in a relationship, a guy is considered the all-rounder? Yes, indeed guy is the one making up for every fight, guys hold the doors and guys know how to pamper their girls better but then there are things where girls win, and girls are the ones finishing in front. Here is a list of things that prove that are girls are better than guys.


Things that make girlfriends better than boyfriends




Girls have mastered the art of flawless shopping. It is well-known fact that girls are better shoppers, whereas boys stand nowhere. If you see, a girl will always have something great to wear at every occasion. Be it an office party or be it a wedding, a girl will always manage to look great with great attire. Guys also have good clothes but majority of their wardrobe consist clothes gifted by their girlfriend. Yes, the fact cannot and should not be ignored that guys do need help from girls when it comes to shopping. A study has revealed that 50% of men in age group 21 to 30 are not aware of the basics of shopping while the same percentage of women in the same age group is proficient in shopping and skilled in price negotiation and all other shopping techniques. When a guy is stepping out to shop for his family, he surely will take a girl along because even they are aware of the fact that girls are best in shopping and can get great deals.



Talking and chit chatting

Now, it is still a matter of debate whether girls are better at shopping or talking but talking is every girl’s accomplished forte. Guys can never compete with a girl when it comes to talking. Sometimes, girls don’t even need a topic to start talking. However, girls are turning into a butt of jokes because of this thing but the truth is that girls can talk without any comma or pause and thus, girls can be pretty entertaining. The best part is that girls are pretty much aware of the fact that they talk a lot but still they don’t shy out from chirping around and turning any occasion lively. A girl who talks a lot has the potential to keep up a good conversation and if you are a shy/introvert guy, a talkative girlfriend is the perfect choice as you won’t have to do much to keep the conversations alive.




In recent years, selfies have become the latest trend and girls are ruling from the very first day. Yes, girls are quite crazy about this new selfie fad. Girls can take selfies anywhere, from washroom to bedroom, from kitchens to store room. And if there are more than two girls taking selfie, they will surely wreak havoc as they are going to try a number of different expressions and poses and they won’t stop until they have that one selfie that they will post on their social media profile. In an entire day, girls take selfies without any count. Taking selfies is a skill that boys have not mastered yet. Indeed girls are better at taking selfies, they certainly are skilled enough to make cute faces. Girls know that selfies are the best way to keep the memories alive. College reunions, friend’s wedding and many other occasions call for selfie moments with closest of friends.



Remembering dates

Yes, girls are best at remembering all the dates. A girl is will remember her first date, the date when she first kissed the one she love, the date when a guy first talked to her, she is best at keeping all the memories alive in her heart. Girls usually have a good memory.



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