Things to Know about First Time Sex

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Oct 03, 2011

Things to Know about First Time Sex

Whether it’s your first time with your new partner or your first time ever, sex for the first time can cause some amount of anxiety. A feeling of nervousness about your body, your needs, your partner’s needs, and the pressure of a good time can all build up in our heads. But worry not. Help is at hand. Here, we’ve culled out the best advice ever given to first timers, to make it easier on you.


  • Relax: We know you want the occasion to be perfect and magical, but you know what? It’s okay if it is not. Sex can only get better with time, because it takes a while to get to know each other and understand each other’s bodies and rhythms. So, if it isn’t great, or you don’t climax the first time, relax. It will get better. Most women don’t reach orgasm their first time with a guy. It takes a bit of getting to know your way around to get there.
  • Stay safe: It can be a bit of a buzz kill, but it’s important to talk about your sexual histories and agree on safety methods. Condoms and birth control pills are the most effective, if you don’t want to get pregnant. Women, be warned: you’re at a higher risk of contracting infections through sex than men. So, it’s better to be careful.
  • Foreplay: While you may think the climax of this movie is going to be the best part, you should know that getting there is no boring lecture either. Foreplay can be a lot of fun and sharing this kind of closeness with your partner will help build a stronger bond between you. Remember that it is not just about penetration and the orgasm. Enjoy the ride. Kissing, touching, and getting to know each other’s bodies are important aspects of sex too.
  • Speak up: Since this is your first time, you might think it’s impolite to make demands, but it is definitely better to let your partner know what you like and want. It’s the best way to get to know each other!




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