The Single Best Way to Lose Weight

The single best way to lose weight has been the constant chase for hoggers and here it is!

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Weight ManagementWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Apr 17, 2012
The Single Best Way to Lose Weight

The Single Best Way to Lose Weight


With the market being flooded with tens of products that promise quick weight loss, what works best is to shut doors at them and walk back home dejected. What if you had a single best way to lose weight? Well, here it is!

Whatever that you do to lose weight on a long-term does not seem to work when you observe all the lost weight coming back to haunt you. All that your weighing scale is asking you in an attempt to help you maintain your weight is a plan that instills permanent weight loss. Here are the steps on how to lose weight.


Step 1

The key to a slender body is exercise. It in fact, is one of the best ways to lose weight. It will not only burn your calories but also build muscle, increase metabolism, lower blood pressure, improve mood and finally slim you down! To maintain a healthy body weight,  one must exercise regularly and feast on a sumptuous healthy diet.


Step 2

Be proactive. Unlike investing all your active time at the gym, bring it into other activities in your life. Engage in activities that you will not only enjoy but will also get your body moving along. Invest time in activities such as hiking, bike riding, swimming, gardening, golf and tennis.


Step 3

Spend time framing a healthy eating plan. Most obese people end up hogging on unhealthy food and dieting. The only way you can avoid being tempted to unhealthy food is getting to know of ways you can promote a balanced lifestyle program and learn to prepare healthy eating habits.

Other Tips


  • Do not hurry to lose weight. To have a healthy weight loss plan, strategise to lose 1 to 2 lbs. a week. If you lose more weight than that, you will only end up losing water and muscle. The best way to adopt a healthy lifestyle is by knowing how to do so. Invest time in visiting libraries and reading about health and fitness.
  • All kinds of exercises are healthy for people. If, however, you are a heart patient, seek the help of a physician to know the right kind of exercises that you must do.
  • Ensure that you move ahead en-route a healthy lifestyle by accommodating healthy diet and exercise simultaneously. Focusing only on a particular aspect may give you unfavourable results.


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