The New Calorie Burning Formula

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Oct 15, 2012

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The New Calorie Burning Formula

Throw your excuses about how difficult it is to find time for exercises, as now, that a short workout of high intensity can raise your level of fitness and help you reduce your waistline.


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Physiology graduate student, Kyle Sevits of Colorado State University and his team have showed that just 2.5 minutes of intense workout is all it takes to cut your fats and keep you fit by burning 220 calories. This does not mean that a 2.5 minute exercise in a day will suffice for you; this however means that your 2.5 minutes exercises should be divided into short 30 seconds sprint intervals and then these would be complimented by a four minute light pedaling. Additional advantages like increased insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, both of which are important for overall good health has also been found.


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The researchers took two healthy men into a room where they were under strict diet according to their calorie needs and they sat around watching television or using the computer. Then, one day they had to get on to the exercises and thus followed the above mentioned process. It was found that each individual had lost approximately 220 calories. The challenge with such an exercise is being consistent with it, also, beginners should not resort to such high intensity before building some endurance, comfort and stamina.


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