The germiest places where you should never have sex

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Jan 27, 2017
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  • Sex is something that should be kept exciting.
  • We all wish to get dirty at some place other than our bedrooms.
  • We must not overlook the “hygiene” quotient for some hot moments.

We all have a bucket list of places where we wish to get down with our partners. I too had a fantasy to make out on Kitchen Island but it did not go as planned. Indeed there are many sexy spots that can make sex more fun and exciting but should we really go for them?


The germiest places where you should never have sex


Of course, sex is something that should be kept fun but you cannot overlook the “hygiene” quotient for some hot moments. Norovirus, Fecal bacteria and STDs are some of the evils that you need to watch out for.


Public restrooms

Who does not want to have sex in restroom? Sex in restroom tops the list. Indeed getting closer in a small confined space is something that can turn the heat up. Now, the restroom in your own home is still considerable but public restrooms should be off-limits because of E.coli that lurks in public restrooms. Next time you think of hopping up the toilet seat, know that you should combine someone else’s poop with your sexy moment.


Gym locker room

If you wish to have sweat all over you followed by norovirus, ringworm staph and MRSA, gym locker room can be an ideal place to have sex in. Bacteria breed very easily in warm and moist atmosphere. Now, imagine you being sitting on a sweaty bench, butt naked. Gross! And dangerous too.


Movie theatre

If you too wish to go daring with movie theatre seats, think twice. The handrails and theatre are regularly sanitised but still it is not safe to make out on those seats as you are not the only people having fantasies of making out in cinema theatre. Yee-haw!


Playground or parks

Just last week I took my niece to the park. All the kids were playing and I sat on the bench, looking at all the seesaws, swings and other rides. I started having fantasies of having a wild one on one of those rides. And it is not just me; many of us have a wild fantasy of making out on a swing or a see-saw or maybe a roundabout but how many of us are aware that the place that we are fantasising about is being puked on, peed on and sometimes pooped on and is touched by dirty hands. Yes, all the rides in a park are full of germs and you don’t want to get STDs or any other disease just for a kinky ride.



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