Adolescent Sexuality and Sex Education

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Jul 13, 2011

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For healthy development of your children, it is important that they are aware of their natural sexual growth when the time comes. When your child is close to being a teenager or even before that, teaching him or her about sexual health is one of the most important part of parenting.

Teaching Sexual Health to Children

You must plant the seeds of love and mutual respect as these are the essential parts of a relationship that they are going to have in future. There is more to it than the usual showing of diagrams in school and information on sexual activities. Teaching sexual health to children can be the relatively simple task of replying to curiosities of 3 to 10 year olds and dealing with adolescents as they begin to explore their sexuality.

Teaching Sexual Health to Children

The stage of transformation from a child to an adult can be very taxing for adolescents, as they have so many queries, but they hesitate to ask for the answers. As per them, there is no one who cares about their concerns. Physical changes in the boys at the time of adolescence, such as croak in the voice, pubic hair, growth in penis and testicles, and start of nocturnal emissions, in particular can have negative emotional impact, if they are not well informed. Similarly, in girls the widening of hips, the development of breasts and of course start of menstruation can leave them even quite horrified at times.

The children also become conscious and sensitive about their looks and love being rebellious too. You might feel like having them as babies again, but these are not bad signs in the normal growth of their personality. This is the stage when you must be their friend as much as their parent. Explain to them about sexuality and ask them to let go off any guilt, which they might be nursing about their body development or thoughts.

Tips for Sexual Health Education of Adolescents

  • Your child should learn about the value and significance of relationships at first. They should know that sex is something sacrosanct to be had with some special person.
  • Children and adolescents of course should be made to stick to the rule of not touching each other below the waist. It will lead them towards basic understanding of common dos and don’ts.
  • Do not worry about the right level, right time or right age of sexual health information to be passed on to the kids. It all depends on the child as an individual and his level of curiosity.

The ideal time for giving information on sexual health to your child is when it comes up naturally. Talking about it deliberately is likely to make him or her feel embarrassed.


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