Swaying Hips is a Sure Sign of Love

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Jan 24, 2012

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Swaying hips is a sure sign of loveMen desirous of being more aware of their woman’s eagerness for love should focus on their walk. A new study has revealed that the sway of a woman as she walks has much to betray about her readiness for making love. Researchers at the University of Bretagne-Sud, France have revealed that women’s walk become more seductive when they are “in the mood”. [Read: Signs that a Girl Likes You]


The researchers have found that women at the peak of their fertility tend to wiggle a lot more than those who are not. This change of behaviour is subtle and happens at a subconscious level, but makes sense with regards to evolution. As the woman appears more attractive at the time when they are most fertile, her chances of becoming pregnant increase.


In the study, the walk patterns of 103 women were studied with special focus on the alluring sway characteristic of women. The subjects were told to sit in a room in which an attractive man entered after some time, which smiled at them and carried on a friendly chat. The subject then proceeded to walk down a corridor to the laboratory, in which they were told the experiment would take place. Their walks were filmed secretly by the man following behind.


On reaching the lab, women were requested to take a test for their saliva. The scientists developed a scale to measure the women’s attractiveness on a scale of 3. The women at the peak of their fertility scored 2.96 as compared to 2.31 by women who were in their least fertile phase. Moreover, the most fertile women took longer to complete the same short walk. Not only did they walk for a longer time, but their gaits were also perceived to be sexier by men. It was a clear sign of menstrual cycle influencing the behaviour of women.


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