Sugary Drinks may cause Stroke

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Nov 16, 2012

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Or at least increase your risk of getting one. According to a recent study from Japan, women who drink soft drinks a lot are about 83% more likely to suffer from a certain type of stroke compared with those who seldom drink sodas or other beverages with added sugar. Although the study hasn’t proven direct link between sugary beverages and increased risk of stroke, several studies have found a correlation between intake of high sugar and clogged arteries. Dr Adam Bernstein, researcher at the Cleveland Clinic, said that sugary drinks increased the risk of ischemic stroke, the type of stroke that is caused because of plaque build-up.


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Several other studies have also responded in favour of the recent study’s results and have added that sugary treats cause heart diseases, obesity and diabetes apart from increasing the risk of stroke.


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