Hope for Cancer Patients as Study says that it could be Prevented

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Apr 05, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Breast Cancer occurs when the cells in the breast divide and grow uncontrollably.
  • The study had concentrated its focus in the United States.
  • Women should adhere to a good lifestyle for a healthier life.
  • It is important to understand the factors well in order to prevent breast cancer.

The world as we know it is an essential paradox, essential because the necessity of a paradox seems to be on the light of most things. Breasts are what give child milk; breasts are that which gives a woman the identity of being a female. That this same body part would suffer from cancer and furthermore would go through the horrid process of mastectomy is a catastrophe. But we bring you some good news.

Breast cancer as we know it occurs when the cells in the breast divide and grow without any control; they in other words spread rapidly. When you have a tumour in your breast then it tends to grow slowly, and there will come a time when this lump would be large enough to feel. This process may take as long as ten years, but the important thing is to identify the symptoms and get diagnosed at the earliest. It has been found that almost 50 to 75 percent of breast cancers actually start with the milk ducts, while 10 to 15 percent begin in the lobules and a few others begin in the other breast tissues. As you can understand, a woman suffering from breast cancer can have a harrowing time and finally this could lead to mastectomy. The good news is that in a recent study it has been proved that almost half of all breast cancers are preventable.

breast cancer prevention

What the Study Says?

According to a study that was published in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, it was said that the information which is already available could be of good use in order to prevent up to half of all breast cancers. The study which concentrated its focus on the United States could certainly be applied to other countries including India, provided there is information on breast cancer.

The study has shown that making healthier lifestyle choices could lead to reduced breast cancer rates in all women. Also for those women who are at a greater risk may benefit from what is known as preventive chemotherapy. The important thing is to start these preventive methods at the earliest and this means that the younger generations could greatly benefit from the research for years to come.

These lifestyle choices are mentioned here below:

• Consume only little or no alcohol.
• Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
• Exercise regularly.

So basically the choices that you make can greatly affect your health and can either push you to a happier life or sadly to a painful zone of remorse.

The study showed some very exciting aspects which were focused on prevention and not really finding any new pharmaceutical treatment for breast cancer. To quote the study’s authors, “efforts to improve treatment and early detection resonate strongly with clinicians and patients alike. Breast cancer prevention has received far less attention but holds tremendous promise."

breast cancer

While it is obviously true that by drinking less and eating good foods more you will not get breast cancer, but the more information we get the better we can be prepared for breast cancer. It is therefore very important to recognise the reasons for which women get the disease and we should fight these reasons with all our might for a happier and healthier life.

There are risk factors that can be reduced as mentioned earlier and women have the power to take things under control if they know what these risk factors are. Hence, starting today it is important that you should try living a healthier life.

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