Study: Gel to Boost Male Fertility

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Apr 19, 2012

Gel to Boost Male FertilityBritish scientists claim that they have been developing a gel to boost male fertility. Formulation has reached its last stages, and the solution will be available shortly to help couples conceive naturally. University of Birmingham researchers are certain that this gel enhances swimming ability of sperm cells, and enables these to reach woman's egg. This will prove as economic, easier and less invasive method than others to treat male fertility.

Male fertility is usually ignored in a failure to conceive. Only one-third of all fertility problems pertain to women, whereas major proportion of fertility problems are with men or unknown.

The basic idea of this evolving fertility solution is helping sperm to reach egg of the female. If solution turns out positive, it will be cheaper in comparison to other conceiving treatments like IVF. Researchers observed motion of sperm cells that travel in a certain manner flipping their tails in a whip-like motion. This activity is observed to have influenced by spikes and dips in the levels of calcium inside cells.

Elaborating on the findings, scientists assured that compound could easily commute on the path of sperm, which will swim through cervical mucus freely and would send more sperm into the uterus. In this manner, natural fertility will be boosted. British scientists also added that compound’s development is still in the early stages of testing.

Studying about enhancing motility or movement of sperm cells was headed by Dr Jackson Kirkman Brown, director of the Centre for Human Reproductive Science, University of Birmingham. He explained the findings stating, “If you can give the man's sperm a little more va-va-voom, you could help fertility in a far less invasive way and it would be far cheaper.”

Having passed laboratory tests, compound is undergoing clinical trials to ascertain it as a foolproof solution to enhance male fertility.



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