4 steps to avoid stress during holidays

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Sep 21, 2010

stress during holidaysPicture this: you've been planning that perfect getaway for months but as soon you land, you fall ill.


Experts say the cause is related to the extra stress people undergo prior to holidays, staying awake till late trying to finish work or taking on an overload of work that can mess up one's immune system.


Plus, travelling itself presents a breeding ground of germs.


A fifth of air passengers catch a cold during their flight and new places expose you to different kinds of bacteria and viruses to which you may not have developed resistance.


Here are simple steps to handle an illness while on holiday:


Don't forget that medicine kit: Let your doctor prescribe basic medications (based on your travel destination) for common ailments including food poisoning, fever, loose motions, malaria, etc.


Prevention is better than cure: Get plenty of sleep and ensure you wash your hands regularly. You may even want to take some probiotics (found in curd), which helps the body fight infection by promoting the growth of good bacteria in the gut.


The Day 3 syndrome: Illnesses generally tend to strike on this day because the therapeutic benefits of a holiday are yet to kick in and the stress of travelling leaves you vulnerable and compromises your immune system. On the first few days of your trip, take it easy and relax.


A doctor at hand helps: If you are suffering from a serious ailment, visit a doctor at the hotel where you are staying. Also, speak to the travel agency you booked your tickets from beforehand, to know whether they will refund your trip if you have to return in case of major illness.


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