Sneak Some Sex into a Busy Schedule

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May 23, 2013

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Sneak Some Sex into a Busy Schedule

Love-life of people gets adversely affected by their busy schedule. This is because their work leaves them too busy and too tired to make love. These days, more and more couples are seeking professional help for their relationship, because they are having too little or no sex.

If you think that sex is missing in your relationship, then you first need to identify the possible reasons for it. Long working hours, stress, fatigue, and not-balanced lifestyle is some of the factors that may leave you in unhappy state of affair. Here are some of the ways to sneak some sex into your busy schedule:


  • Sex immediately after you wake-up: Having sex immediately after you wake up is the perfect way to start your day. According to some studies, it improves immunity. In addition, you must be fresh by good night’s rest and more energetic. After sex you can straight go to shower and get ready for work.
  • Make a call: If you are not able to take time out of your busy schedule then make use of your phone. Call him/her up at work, tell him how you love the way he touches you and how much you miss him. You can even use online chats to tell your partner that how much you love him/her.
  • Lovemaking is not only for bedtime: Don’t leave your love making for the bedtime. By then strains of the day catches up and you only feel to sleep. Try to have sex before dinner, ones a while you can come home and go straight to your bedroom.
  • Schedule sex in your busy lifestyle: Some people make mistake by thinking that sex should be always done spontaneously. But the perfect time may never come. If you think that your busy schedule is not allowing you to have perfect time for sex then fix a day in week for it. 
  • Spend some romantic time together: Try to spend quality time together. When people get out of habit of loving in sexual manner then it becomes quite difficult to get back to it.
  • You can heat up your simple tasks of your busy schedule by including element of sex to them. For instance, your shower can be more relaxing when shared with your partner. What starts in a shower can end in bed!


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