Smart Shopping for Female Condoms

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Jul 27, 2012

Smart Shopping for Female Condoms

Female condoms, also known as femidoms, are loose fitting, fine and flexible polyurethane sheath that are worn by women during sexual intercourse. Female condoms, like male condoms, are used to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The structure of a female condom is such that the round and closed end of the sheath covers the cervix and keeps the sperm from moving out of the condom. When going for shopping for female condoms, take a look at these shopping tips.


Things to Look for


  • The first thing to do before you go out to shop for condoms is researching on condom brands and any information that may be needed before visiting a pharmacy.
  • Find out if you have any allergy to wearing condoms. A common allergy that people using condoms have is latex allergy. If you are allergic to latex, buy a condom that is made from polyurethane.
  • Check the packaging label of the condom to know when the condom expires. Condoms tend to lose their effectiveness over time even when they haven’t been used.
  • While buying condoms, closely observe where the condoms are stored.
  • Female condoms can be bought from any drug store or online even without prescription. If you must need extra lubricant, use either oil or water-based lubricants without affecting the reliability of the condom.


Pitfalls of Female Condoms


  • A male condom should not be used the same time as female condom. Doing so may lead to friction between the two and thereby, damage the reliability of both the condoms.
  • Although, there is no physical side-effects of using female condoms, there may be a chance for the condom to tear or be displaced at the time of sexual intercourse, which may render both ineffective.
  • The size of a femidom is larger than that of a male condom and this may turn you and your partner off.
  • If the penis is not guided into the vagina carefully, it may instead of entering the femidom, slip between the condom and the vaginal wall, thereby threatening the integrity of the condom.

It is of utmost important to choose a condom that is safe and is therefore, ideal to protect one against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are not only a birth control tool, but a popular accessory for ease during sexual intercourse. When shopping for female condoms, make sure that you have checked for its efficacy by checking the expiry date and material used.


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