Skin Care Beauty Tips for Teens

Skin-care still baffles scientists and researchers for answers, but the teenage beauty tips in this article should help you to get a clearer skin. Are you listening teens?

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Skin Care Beauty Tips for Teens

A teenager’s skin is erratic and impulsive. Just when you think you have uncovered the secrets of skin-care, you break out in a rash of spots and blemishes and you feel like the ultimate teenage dirtbag. Skin-care still baffles scientists and researchers for answers, but these teenage beauty tips should help you to get clearer and cleaner skin.

A girl can start to experience hormonal changes as early as eleven or twelve, so it would be no harm to start preparing and protecting her skin at an early age. Some girls naturally develop quicker than others but this age is generally accepted as the time she begins to mature physically.


Teen Skin Care


Skin care for Early Teens

Start off with a light moisturizer and apply it every night before going to bed. It’s important that teenagers get into a habit of good skin-care. Keep track of what you eat and the consequences of such. Your diet plays a significant role in the quality of your skin, but some food types may disagree with you more than others. By keeping a diary of your diet, you may detect correlations between certain foods and your break-outs.


Teen Skin Care


You cannot discuss skin care for teenagers without discussing acne. It is synonymous with the demographic as it disturbs so many of them emotionally and mentally. Chronic acne can also leave long term physical scars if not treated properly.

Treating acne isn’t simple and a definitive cure has never been developed. There are many over-the-counter offerings which promote clear skin, but these are neither long term solutions nor a cure for acne. If only!  Whilst keeping clean skin is hygienic and healthy, it does nothing for the treatment of acne.

Discuss your condition with your doctor and he should be able to prescribe anti-biotics or recommend over-the-counter creams which can help the short-term state of your skin.  Unfortunately the vast majority of these are treatments - not cures - and you may have to wait out puberty before your skin recovers.

Beauty Tips

Almost everything you do affects your skin, so apart from dieting and getting plenty of exercise, it is important to give your skin some extra care.

  • Moisturisers, face-scrubs and cosmetics are all widely available and should be used regularly for effective skin-care. Getting the right mosturiser for you may take time; what’s right for your friend may not necessarily be right for you. Your skin may be oilier or drier than another’s, so you will need a different cream. 
  • Cleansing, toning and exfoliating are other recommended ways of keeping your skin clear and clean.
  • Drink plenty of water, as it controls the natural balance of the skin’s fluids. Water can detoxify and oxygenate your skin, leaving it hydrated and regenerated.


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