Single? Get ready to mingle

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Oct 31, 2010

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Single Get ready to MingleA strange kind of excitement builds up in the atmosphere when Valentines Day is just a week away. Merry for those who have partners, but far more exciting for those who are yet singles as they look forward to get hooked by the day. The question is, where to start the hunt from? Well, just check out these few suggestions and find your man/woman for the day…



Yes guys, unless you expand your social circles how will you meet your Miss/Mister right? It is usually through common cronies that one can easily interact with the opposite sex. Moreover, your friends can guarantee and can help to hinge you to the one you have just hit the crush on.


Hang out at happening places…


This is another way to bump into the one sought. Hang out at malls, pubs, eating joints etc with your group of friends. Such places act as a perfect platform for that "first meeting".


Internet Dating…


Internet dating is quite popular amongst people who cannot take out much time to chill out with friends. Internet dating helps you interact with other biological species, starts off with friendship and can possibly blossom into a relationship. But hey, it may have its repercussions, so beware while going on a blind date through internet.


Speed Dating…


Now this is something way too popular with today's youth. The organiser brings together equal members of men and women at one place and keeps rotating the partners at regular intervals. If you click with someone, you are out together.


Dating Agencies…


This is an option for those who fail to yet find a partner. Similar to blind dating, this comes with no guarantee of the person you will be fixed with and may lead to trouble.Before you set out to find your mate, keep these guidelines in mind: 

* Do not be desperate to date; be sure you like the person you are to approach.

* Once you've made up your mind do not hesitate in asking the person out. Being a shy sheep will get you nowhere.

* Never fake your personality. Represent and project yourself as you are.

* Lastly, never lose your confidence, even if you remain single.


Most importantly, always keep smiling and positive. A charming persona itself attracts the opposite sex. Otherwise you can always batch up with your friends and celebrate your singledom! Right?



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