Signs that you are dating a sex addict

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Aug 11, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Sex is a physical and emotional need.
  • Sex is important to have a harmonious relationship.
  • Sex addicts are way too needy and charged up in his or her sexual life.
  • There are a few telling signs that you are dating a sex addict.

Sex is not something to be ashamed of; craving sex is a physical and emotional need. However, once in a while comes along someone who is way too needy and charged up in his or her sexual life. Yes, indeed when in a relationship, people tend to get into intimate and sexual acts, they make out, have sex and that is how a smooth relationships work. A little bit of cuddling, kissing, fondling, nibbling and so on, there are many things you do with the one you love and making out tops the list.


sex addict


If you love someone, if you are in a relationship, you will have sex and it is inevitable because when you love someone, making love to them comes naturally, it is not something you force upon someone but then there will be a few things that will tell you that more than love, the thing that draws your lover closer is lust. If you think that he or she forces you to have sex without your will or has unusual sexual fantasies, you might be dating a sex addict.

There are a few telling signs that you are dating a sex addict, if you find any of these signs in your partner. Take a look!


Unusual sexual fantasies

People have fetishes, sexual fantasies like bondage, blind fold but when you think that things are escalating to a whole new level where you are failing miserably, there is nothing wrong with you, it’s him or her. If your partner has sexual fantasies beyond your understanding and almost freak you out, you are dating a sex addict. Some of the sexual fantasies may include pain, unbearable pain, acts that include blood and other acts that can cause pain, mental trauma and emotional scare and your partner will seem fine with all that.



Reasons to have sex

They will find reasons to have sex. Whenever they will meet, they will try to convince you to have sex with them. Even if you refuse, they will continue to pursue you and succeed most of the times. If you meet in public, having lunch in a restaurant, or watching a movie, they will inflict minor teasing sexual acts that might make you uncomfortable, like pinching you in the crotch, nipples etc. however, all these sexual acts are quite normal and even normal couple do all these stuff but only when their partners are comfortable while a sex addict would not even care what you feel or not.



They will dominate you in bed

Usually they have what they want in bed. They will dominate you in bed whether a girl or a guy. They will be charged up, somewhat aggressive (in a way that you will end up getting hurt, physically or emotionally) and frenzied in bed. They won’t even look like themselves while making out.



They have a past

Not always but many of the sex addicts will have a past with a sexual abuse story. They will not openly tell you but they will throw you bits of their sexually abused childhood. Note that not all sexually abused people are sex addicts.


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