Shocking reasons why divorce is a rising trend now a days

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Mar 11, 2016
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  • Shocking reasons why divorce is a rising trend now a days.
  • An alarming number of couples are filing for divorce.
  • Young people are not interested in comprising but having their own way.
  • Numbers have tripled in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Lucknow.
  • In Delhi more and more couples are filing for divorce after honeymoon.

In today’s world couples are soon becoming disenchanted with their relationships and this is causing rampant break-ups and divorces. The shocking divorce trends that are doing the rounds of modern lives are reason enough for one to doubt the sacred marriage bond. But what are the reasons for rise of divorce cases? How can couples be so weak-willed? One important factor here is stress, whether it is job related or finance related. But, overall there are a host of factors that contribute to this disaster, the rising trend of divorce cases can be linked with the following causes.

Shocking reasons why divorce is a rising trend now a days

Unmatched lifestyle

Here is one of the many interesting reasons why couples get divorced. Even couples  who have love marriages are normally in for a shock when they start living together. The person whose external appearance seemed nice and attractive to you, may look completely different when you start living with him or her. Most times your lifestyle at home may not match with the others and the most important factor that tops the list  is personal hygiene. The rising trend of divorce cases can be largely attributed to this cause.


Differing expectations

Men can have different expectations from a wife than what they have from a girlfriend. There is always something different about being married from the formative years of dating. There are rules laid down by society that defines an ideal and dutiful wife and men most times come with such preconceived notions. Similarly, women can also have certain expectations from a responsible husband and can be unhappy to witness anything otherwise. This is vital reason for these shocking divorce trends we see around us.



Another probable reason that’s giving rise to shocking divorce trends is revealation after marriage that the spouse is a homosexual. This is certainly a big blow to the marriage and can surely lead to a divorce. It is often seen that men or women try to withhold their homosexual preferences in fear of a backlash from society and eventually get into a heterogeneous marriage, suffering terrible discomfort. In most cases, such people have intimacy issues with the spouse, leading to an inevitable divorce.


Lack of patience

Today’s men and women have a great sense of mobility, in the sense that, people always have great number of options ahead of them. If their emotional or sexual needs are not fulfilled by their spouses, then they will stray to look for someone more suitable. It is as simple as this. The rising trend in divorce cases clearly points to the lack of patience and the growing need of personal fulfilment. It is the pursuit of happiness that is pushing people to walk out of marriages and look towards better avenues.


Sense of individuality

Individuals are more and more self-depended and are used to living life on their own terms. It is found that a man and woman are both working and self-sufficient; the woman does not require a man to feed and clothe her. Therefore, the man or the woman is obviously uninterested in compromising. There is a strong sense of individuality among people and this is why they tend to move on so quickly. If the other person is not being co-operative then it is perhaps best to walk away. This is yet another important reason of rise in divorce cases.

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