Sexual Temptation Haunts Men even after Marriage

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Aug 19, 2014

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sexual temptation after marriageA new study has revealed that even after tying the knot with their supposed “sweetheart”, men happen to struggle with the thoughts of sexual temptations. The study said that newly wedded men actually did express surprise that even after marriage sexual temptations continued to give them trouble and haunt them. The problem went further deep as they reported that that they could not possibly discuss these problems with their friends and also had no idea how to talk about this with their wives.

Sarah Dienfendorf, sociology graduate student at the University of Wshington, "Sexual purity and pledging abstinence are most commonly thought of as feminine, something girls and young women promise before marriage. But I wanted to look at this from the men's point of view.” She learned from the study that men faced trouble with their sexual temptations.

The newly-wed men did agree that sex was sacred when practiced in the marriage bed and beastly when it occurs outside of marriage. The beastly elements of sex such as pornography and extramarital affairs haunt their minds and do not seem to disappear anytime.

This throws light on the fact regarding the infidel nature of men, and why they go astray upon seeing that lovely new girl. This study could lead to more positive discussions regarding sex and how it is actually healthy. Educating men and women about all the goodness which sex has to offer is essential.

Sarah Dienfendorf presented her findings at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in San Francisco on August 17.

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