Sexual climax in women the elusive big O

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Jun 30, 2011

womenThe inability to achieve orgasm by some women despite adequate sexual arousal is termed as Female orgasmic Disorder. Different women have different time to reach the climax, as orgasm is generally known. It depends mainly on the foreplay and the stimulation of the G-spot.


Women who have the disorder can be identified on a scale describing the intensity of the disorder. There are some women who never reach a climax. Some women achieve an orgasm only during masturbation, but never with their partners. Some women need stimulation of the clitoris in addition to vaginal stimulation; mostly they are able to climax with their sexual partners. Near the upper range are women who do not need much stimulation to achieve an orgasm.


The disorder can be life long or situational.
The causes for the disorder are not known. More than physiological reasons, psychological reasons have been held responsible for the inability to achieve an orgasm. It most commonly occurs when a woman tries hard to achieve it. When achieving an orgasm becomes a goal for sexual intercourse, the increased pressure works against its achievement.


The mood of the partners during intercourse is also an important determinant of whether they are able to climax or not. If the woman is tensed during the act or the partners have other problems on their mind, achieving an orgasm may become difficult.


There is no specific treatment for the disorder. If it is because of dryness of the vagina, lubricants are given which help to make intercourse easier. If psychological help is sought, the partners are asked to relax during the act and enjoy it rather than work towards the achievement orgasm. The partners should know each other’s preferences and work towards maximising the pleasure.


Partners are advised to communicate with each other and spend more time in foreplay. This helps to induce adequate lubrication. Other techniques of lovemaking like oral sex and mutual masturbation are advised. The best way to achieve orgasm is to remain positive and relax during sexual intercourse.


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