Sexual Activity and Heart disease

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Feb 05, 2011

Sexual Activity and Heart disease

Your cardiologist knows best about your heart. He also knows if you’re healthy enough to resume your sex life. Though it might be a traumatizing experience and can cause erectile dysfunction and depression but the need of the hour must be to effectively cope with it.


After a heart attack can one start having sex?

One question that keeps surfacing is -- when after a heart attack can one start having sex.  As an answer to this, Dr. Akshay Mehta, cardiologist at Nanavati Hospital says “Someone who has had a myocardial infarction must wait for their doctors to inform them about the gravity of the heart disease and their current heart condition. Otherwise they can indulge in sex in near about two to three week’s time.”

“Essentially, sex is also a form of exercise and before you resume your sexual life, see if you’re able to climb two flights of stairs or walk two blocks on the street. These apparently determine whether or not the body is recovering from such a biological trauma.” adds Dr. Mehta.


Discuss your sex life openly with your partner

Don’t hesitate to discuss your sex life with the expert because having a heart attack doesn’t mean putting an end to your sex life.

Couples discourage any act of indulgence in sex after heart attack because they are apprehensive of the likelihood of another.

Dr. Umesh Gupta, cardiologist at Umkal Hospital doesn’t dismiss such a belief but adds a word of caution, “With new partners the excitement is greater and anxiety raises your heart rate more than lovemaking. However, if it’s the usual partner the chances are almost negligible. Refrain from putting your heart in danger.”
Post heart attack it is likely that the person might also become depressed. This perhaps automatically contributes to erectile dysfunction in men. As a consequence, the patients often report a lack or decrease in desire for sex. This is a sign enough to get your life in control and not let the threads loose.


Do medicines affect sexual desire and performance?

On asking whether medicines affect sexual desire and performance, Dr. Sharma says “Certainly they do. In 2-3% cases, Beta Blocker which is essentially prescribed may cause a lack of desire, impotency or erectile dysfunction. If so, then it must be reported so that doctors can remove it from the list of prescribed medication.

To wrap it all up, we suggest that you must not gamble in the matters of heart. Just keep your eyes open, listen to what your heart says – whether or not you need to slow down and enjoy every passing moment. Go with the flow and not against it; atleast when it comes to the health of your heart. Stay hearty and happy!



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