Sex Tips for People with Back Pain

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Jan 24, 2013

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Sex Tips for People with Back Pain

Back pain not only disturbs your routine physical activities but also creates disturbances in your sex life and can become a reason for your disoriented relationship. Here are a few sex tips for people with back pain that can help you save your sexual life from being ruined:


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Communicate your Condition

It is always better to understand the condition of your back and sex positions that alleviate your back pain. Considering that it is difficult for you to explain the degree of pain to your partner and difficult for him or her to understand, discuss this subject at length with your partner. Lack of discussion may lead to misinterpretation by your partner that may grow into unwanted misunderstandings.

Try different Positions

The partner suffering with back pain should be a passive partner during sexual indulgence. People having lower back pain may experience comfort in positions in which they lie on their back. Position such as being on the sides is another comfortable position as the partner with back pain feels less pressure on his/her back. A woman with back pain may use pillows under her chest while lying on her stomach. For lying flat on the bed, the partner with back pain can insert pillow under his/her knees as this brings down the pressure on the back to half. For a pleasurable sex life, plan your sex positions with your partner in advance.


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Accept the Change


With back pain, it is obvious that you may not be as energetic and vigorous as you were before the initiation of back pain. Accept this sportingly and do not get disheartened as you can add some creative spark in your sex life by preferring sensuality to sexuality.  Discover some other ways to show your love to your partner such as fondling each other or a body massage, but it is always better to be vocal about your condition. Try to build a stronger emotional connection and have fun over "hard driving orgasms".


Change the Place

The belief that sex can only happen on a bed is a misconception. You can look out for more comfortable places such as a rug on the floor or a sofa.  Using something else instead of bed may be a little different and new.  Firm surfaces such as a rug on the floor may be comfortable for you to lie on your back during sex. You can simply change your hard and old mattress by a soft mattress. Know your options and choose the best for you and your partner.


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Talk Medical Help

To relieve your back pain before it becomes a problem for your sexual life, take medical help and discover the reason behind it. Usually, back pain is a result of swelling of the spine, pulled tissues, strained or sprained muscles and ligaments.  With proper medication and exercises, back pain can disappear in two to six weeks.

Discussing your sexual life with a doctor may never seem like an appealing idea.  If you have never-reducing back pain, discuss sex and comfortable sex positions with your doctor.


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