Sex Tips for the Older Women

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Mar 21, 2012

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Sex Tips for the Older WomenSex in older women is not a much-discussed topic. All the bodily changes start appearing with menopause. These changes, sometimes, cause emotional imbalance and influence one’s sexual life. If you feel that your sexual desirability with your partner has lessened with your age, go through these sex tips for the older women to improve your sexual life.


Communicate to your Partner

Open and friendly communication in a relationship is an essential ingredient for good and satisfying sexual life. As people age, sex becomes a chore for them. If your husband does not find sex as interesting and passionate as he used to, talk to him about your sexual desires and difficulties. Your partner is your support system and therefore, do not hide anything from him. Communicate well to relieve growing anxiety and negativity and enjoy a healthy sex life.



Lubricate Well

With increasing age, natural lubrication in women for sexual intercourse diminishes. You can solve this problem by applying a water-based lubricant. Initially, you may find it awkward to apply lubricant for sex, but in few days, you and your partner will be used to it. You can involve the act of applying lubricant into foreplay and get free of any awkwardness.

Experiment with Positions

As women age, they may experience pain caused by arthritis, spondylitis or any other condition that can interfere with their sexual life. To prevent pain during sex, experiment with various sex positions and choose the one that is comfortable for you.  Take medical help and know the possible reasons of pain. If the pain does not diminish, discuss some comfortable sex positions with your doctor.  


Feel Beautiful

Feeling less sexually attractive is common in all older women. Sometimes, this makes you feel disgusted about your body and disturbs your sexual desire. It is better to accept all the bodily changes because these changes do not overshadow your worth or desirability. Remember that your partner loves you unconditionally irrespective of how you look. To prevent yourself from being carried away with the culture of beautiful and perfect dames, do not spend a lot of time on staring at zero-sized women on television, magazines or movies. To make your life easier, respect your identity and embrace your body at every  stage of your life.


Your Health

With increasing age, pay complete attention to your health as poor health affects your sexual desires.  Adapt to lifestyle changes such as losing weight, exercising and eating well to become healthy.  This will not only keep you fit, but will also keep the passion alive in your sex life.


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