10 Sex Tips for a Magical Wedding Night

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May 22, 2013

10 Sex Tips for a Magical Wedding Night

Most young women have imagined or replayed in their mind a perfect wedding night from an early age, some even before having envisaged a life partner. Surprisingly this might be the case for many a young men too. In this sense, the expectations and therefore naturally, the apprehensions pinned to this one night are galactic for both the bride and the groom. It is common knowledge and also according to some cultures, a couple is expected to consummate their wedding on their first night. However, the fatigue leaking from the days leading up to the wedding and the wedding day itself can be a huge wet blanket to this end. We give you 10 possible ways to ensure your wedding night is all that you always dreamed of and much more.

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Expectations and Excitement

Having thought about your first night for a very long time, you probably already have preconceived notions and high expectations from each other and the night itself. It is essential to remember that at the end of a tiring day of ceremonies there are chances you both are likely to fall dead asleep as soon as you’ll hit that nice fluffy bed. Curbing your expectations while maintaining a high level of excitement is of great significance in helping you ease into your first night together. With the right mind set and attitude you’ll be prepared and even pleasantly surprised with what you experience on your first night together.


Openly speaking to each other about your respective comfort zones, expectations and apprehensions will help both partners enjoy the experience of the first night. If you and your partner already share a comfortable relationship, discussing romantic notions will lead you in the right direction on your wedding night.

The Setting

The act of making love for the very first time on your wedding night is as sacred and enjoyable as you make it. Creating the appropriate setting is a necessary ingredient. An environment of soft lights, silken sheets, Rose petals, delicate aromas, erotic music, chocolate glazed strawberries, champagne and the works will create that perfect delectable setting and foundation for a night to remember forever. A combination of the right kind of aphrodisiacs can lead to scintillating exploration.


An extended period of foreplay almost always results in a pleasurable night of love making. While the romantic setting and sweet whisperings has already set the ground for foreplay, it is necessary that both partners are not taken for granted and that a decent amount of time is spent on ensuring that both partners are enjoying the act of making love. Stolen glances and soft touches exchanged between partners throughout the wedding celebration can also grant the needed degree of foreplay.

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Sexy Attire

Having gone through an entire day or possibly days of detailed dressing for the wedding you might feel the urge to ignore what you wear on your first night. This must not be so, both for women and men. Having seen each other beautifully adorned in wedding garments, to then see the other in plain night clothes for the first time might be a damper. Pay close attention to what you choose on your first night. Wearing delicate lace and silken wear is a good choice for setting the grounds for a passionate night ahead.

Well Groomed

Contrary to the popular notion that men do not notice the embellishments of a woman, Chris Easter co-founder, The Man Registry, states that men do notice the effort a lady goes though dressing up. In the same vein of thought, women too notice the effort a man spends on dressing up for her. Simple things like a pedicure (toes are known to be a turn on) can turn the passion up a notch for your special night. 

Toned Physique

A well toned body can be a huge turn on for both men and women on various levels. The adrenaline rush on seeing your bride or groom’s body for the first time can be driven to a whole new  level, if the body on display is toned, firm and energetic. Paying attention to your physique can be a sure shot recipe for passion galore. Needless to say hardly anyone enjoys making love to a flabby, sagging body, especially after all the rom-coms and television shows being aired. Ensure that days leading up to your wedding are well divided between wedding chores and workout regimes in order to get in to shape for that magical night of your dreams. A toned body does not have to mean a thin and lean body. Flexible, strong muscles allowing for long hours of love making is what you should be aiming for.

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Role Playing

Role playing and gentle acts of kindness on your first night will pave the way for a long lasting powerful love making night to remember. Not only does role playing help keep the acts fresh, it also aids in alleviating the tensions attached to your first night. Simple showering of rose petals on your bride or massaging your groom’s toes and whispering sweet nothings to each other can lead to delicious love making on your very first night.


Remember your wedding night is the first of many more nights together as husband and wife, and while you might find it a necessity to consummate your wedding on the first night, there is hardly any need to be serious about the matter. Making light of the situation can help build a better bond between two people which will certainly result love making of the highest order. Charli Penn co-writer, ManWifeandDog.com, suggests that making light of the situation can well lead into deliberate foreplay setting the grounds for some fine love making.

Symbol of Love

Making love to your partner is the highest, most special manner of declaring your love for one another. Bearing this is mind, delve into the night remembering that you are expressing your love and do it meaningfully.

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