Sex Tips How to get what you want

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Feb 04, 2011

Sex TipsSo many women are not satisfied in bed because they say their man isn't giving them what they want. If he's too rough, touching all the wrong places or just plain clueless then you need to let him know.


It's not easy to just point out what he's doing wrong without risking hurting your lovers feelings so sometimes it's best to be a little tactful and drop some subtle hints. 


Rough Hands


We all love a bit of rough and tumble and the feel of a man's hands can drive us crazy but sometimes heavy hands and over-eager fingers can be a little too much. The clitoros and surrounding areas are very sensitive so if your man goes in for an over-excited rough stroke before you're ready it can be painful.


The best way to deal with this is to just gently take hold of his hand to make him pause for a second and just say 'It feels so good there but can you try it a little bit softer?' This goes down a lot better that 'Ouch what the hell are you doing? That hurts!'


Speed Demon 


Quickie sex has a time and a place but a jack hammer thrashing is far from sexy. If your lover goes at it a bit fast from the start and burns out before you've even started to get into it then it's time to tell him to slow down the pace.A simple change of position is the most effective way to handle this problem. Roll over so you're on top then hold onto his hands and you're in control. From this position you can move your hips to whatever rhythm you like.


Oral Shy


It's no secret that men love a bit of oral sex but women are just as crazy for it too. Some men are reluctant to go down on their lovers and women can be too shy to ask for it but why should you miss out on one of the most sensual parts of sex.

The best way to give your man a hint that you're gagging for a bit of toungue action is to tell him you want him to kiss you ALL over your body. If you incorporate this into a bit of playful dirty talk away from the bedroom he will remember it and by the time it comes to getting frisky he will be dying to get his lips on you.

These tips are just a cheeky way to give your man a subtle hint but don't forget men are notoriously bad at picking up on hints. If he isn't getting the message then the best way to let him know what you want is to TELL HIM- simple as that.

Most men want to please their lovers and appreciate being pointed in the right direction. And remember- girls aren't all sex experts either so perhaps he might have a few hints for you too.

Great sex is all about good communication so stop being shy and start talking to eachother- it will be well worth it. 


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