Sex Myths that put your Love Life in Danger

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Apr 20, 2012

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Sex Myths that put your Love Life in DangerTonnes of tales about sex keep getting circulated but do we know how many of them stand true? You must educate yourself and unlearn a few of the myths that are deep-rooted in your brain! Whether you are a committed couple, single, dating or looking at settling down post divorce all you must aim at is debunk the idea that age can soil your sex spirits!

Mid life is in fact reportedly the most fruitful times because many come to know what pleases them. It’s the whole quest that consummates by then and you get to know how and when to take a step forward. All’s not lost as this increases intimacy between couples and there’s pleasing-to-senses connect that couples can pinpoint at!

We’re going to debunk a few of the most popular sex myths to make you understand that you can have a satisfying sex life at any age and phase. Embrace the facts and let go of myth-shackles.

Myth: Men Want of Sex all the time

Reality Knock: If  he doesn’t want to see you must not end up creating thought bubbles about his disinterest in you. Men do experience male menopause which ends up affecting their sexual drive. This condition lowers their testosterone levels and serves as a hindrance in sexual arousal. Other than biological aspects some psychological factors come in interplay, such as stress, depression, side-effects of medications, and other health conditions such as high cholesterol and diabetes.


  • You can ask your partner to see a doctor but simultaneously making sure not to bruise his ego.
  • You can experiment with visual stimulation (be bold and bowl him out!) with new lingerie or even try new positions.


Myth: Menopause Ends Sex Drive

Reality Knock: Sex hormones go for a toss during perimenopause and menopause so you’ll probably not be in the mood to make love as much as you did in your twenties or thirties! If you experience a phenomenal dip in your sex drive, rule out your worries by consulting a doctor because underlying health conditions could be playing a nasty role. But, remember this dip could be psychological too because you might be suddenly interested when the kids aren’t at home or also because after menopause you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.

Myth: Sex hurts post Menopause

Reality Knock: Having sex boosts blood circulation in the vagina and keeps the tissues healthy. However, most women who don’t have sex regularly complain of vaginal atrophy in which the tissues become dry and thin because of lower production of sex hormones. This makes penetration quite painful and kill sex drive. But, don’t lose hope as over-the-counter lubricants and moisturizes can get the vaginal tissues back in form and make it a pleasurable experience for you. You may alo go for oral therapy if you find this intrusive.


Myth: I won’t have an Orgasm

Reality Knock: You have to find out what titillates you enough to make you orgasm. Is it a sound foreplay? Is it watching a sex-laden movie together? Iis it getting tickled in your erogenous zones? What is it exactly? Find that out before you count yourself among the ones who believe they won’t and can’t! Just don’t think of squeezing sex in your hectic schedules and blame yourself.

Myth: I don’t need a Condom

Reality Knock: Grown-ups too can keep a stock of condoms because although pregnancy might no longer be a concern, women can still get pregnant if they menstruate! Most people associate condoms with a way of preventing pregnancy and not with it being a mode of protecting one against STDs such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrheoa and chlamydia. Spend some good time on websites that give out information on condoms. There are too many available in various textures. Why not scroll and choose; to make it click is in your hand!



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