Sex Education: How Soon Is Too Soon?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Mar 14, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Don’t start too early as your child may not understand.
  • However, do not just quit thinking of a way to coach.
  • Your child needs to have all the knowledge.
  • Consider every question that your child has regarding sex.

Sex education is essential, at least in the current context. At a time when most STDs are on the rise and the younger generation is taking sexual relationship casually and carelessly, sex education can provide the easiest yet most effective solutions to prevent the occurence of damage. It is important to let every growing kid understand the importance of safe sex in life and the dangers of unprotected sex.

sex education

Almost every country has been trying to provide some sort of sex education to their children. Some are starting it at an early stage of 3rd grade while others are including in a little later. But when you know that you should provide proper sex education to your children and it should start at the right age, the question arises as to what that right age should be? It is better to provide proper knowledge and all the safe measures and precautions about sex but when does it get too much or when it is too soon? Well, it could be a point of endless debates, but it is you who should understand the right time and the right amount of sex education your child may need. Do you remember yourself getting any sex education when you were young? If you do, try to figure out if it was too late or too early.

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Analyse the way you got to know about everything related to sex. Starting too early may have an overwhelming effect on the child as he/she may not be able to process information related to sex. On the other hand, starting too late may probably have exposed the child to the regretful experiences. However, telling too much too soon can also have a negative effect on the child.

You should wait until your child starts asking awkward questions out of curiosity or until he/she is mature enough to understand what you actually want to convey. You need to take things slow and steady. Don’t rush into telling too much or too frequently. If you are planning to have a sex education discussion with your child every weekend, you may be preparing yourself for a disaster. After all, you don’t want your child to continuously be hearing about sex.
The best way to take it forward is to use every opportunity when your child asks you a question directly or indirectly related to sex. When your child asks you about condom, or looks curious while accidentally watching a condom ad on TV, you can take your time to let him know about condoms and their benefits. However, you need to put it in the best way he can understand.

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Provide only as much information as he may digest at that age. Instead of telling how or why something happens, consider a step by step guidance. After a couple of minutes, allow for questions and if you do not know how to convey something and get stuck in the middle, promise to discuss further on it at a later time and convenience. Since no one in the world can decide when it is too early or too much for sex education, you have to decide it for yourself and your children.

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