Sex during Menses can be fun

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Nov 15, 2011

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Sex during Menses can be funAccording to some new studies, sex during menstruation can be fun and actually help women relieve some of their menstrual complications. Having sex during periods is considered to be a taboo by most people as they find it unhygienic, uncomfortable and messy. Conventionally most people have stayed away from sex on “those” days despite strong urges.

If doctors such as Vrushali Lampat are to be believed, people should show the door to messy or dirty feelings about sex during menses. She says that the feel good hormones such as endorphin released during sexual intercourse bring down the menstrual pain and cramps to some extent. This helps to get relief from the anxiety or depression women generally experience during their menstruation.


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Moreover, the enhanced physical activity during menses leads to additional contractions which release blood faster. This helps to bring an end to the duration of menstruation earlier. Women are also claimed to enjoy sex more in this period as, according to Dr. Lampat, the genital areas and the pelvic region is full in this time of the month, and it bring a level of pleasure which is higher than normal. They also feel more inclined to have sex with the increase in hormonal activity at this time of the month.


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According to Dr. Ganesh Raisinghani, women are most prone to infections at this time of the month. So, any thoughts of having unprotected sex since she cannot conceive should not be nurtured. Moreover, experimental sex by lying in different positions also needs to be avoided. It is up to the partners to decide whether the reasons put forward for having sex during menses are acceptable or not.



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