Sex Dreams Decoded

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Apr 03, 2013

Sex Dreams DecodedEver break into a cold sweat in the middle of night because of the dream you just had? Was there something off about it? Did it feature an ex or your boss and you in well, a compromising position?


Sex dreams are very common and form the largest chunk of dreams that usually occur. And sex dreams are in no way an aberration of rationality and an indication that something is wrong with you. In fact, according to specialists, sex dreams are most often indicators of what you want from your life or your relationship or even your career!


Sex dreams have made all of us blush with embarrassment at some point, therefore, we decided to decode the most common ones to quell any sense of shame!


Sex with the ex


You have moved on but you have suddenly started dreaming about having sex with your ex! Most will call it a sticky situation but according to experts, sexual dreams about one’s ex boyfriend or girlfriend are actually an indication that something is not right in your current situation. In fact, such sex dreams are hints that you should do something about jazzing it all up with your current beloved!


Official Sex


In case you are dreaming about geting it on with your boss, fret not. Technically such sex dreams mean that you envy her/his position and want some authoritative freedom for yourself at your place of work. And if it is not your boss but a co-worker then it might be possible that you envy him. Yes, the green monster of jealousy raises its head in our dreams in weird forms!


Sexy stranger in the city


One of the most common sex dreams that experts have decoded is dreaming about sex with a total stranger. Traditionalists might call these thoughts impure and an indicator of dishonesty and thoughts of infidelity but in truth they are something else. Sex dreams about strangers actually amount to a person lauding herself/himself. Yes that stranger in your dream is actually you. Believe it or not but experts tell us that narcissism reigns supreme when we dream. Therefore, think about it the next time you have such a dream. Did you do something during the day that was exceptionally courageous and deserving of accolades? Did you feel like praising yourself loud but couldn’t/didn’t do so? If yes, then the dream is your psyche’s way of applauding.


Sex with a celebrity


If you dream of making out with Gerard Butler then do we really need to analyse that dream? That man is hot! However, if you dream of having sex with someone who is not really famous for her/his killer looks then it’s their personality and character that you admire so much so as to dream about being intimate with them.


Sex with her/his best friend


We know how embarrassing it is to find yourself dreaming about kicking up a storm with your wifey’s gal pal or your hubby’s beer buddy. However, dream analysts say that such dreams only mean that there is something amiss about your partner that these people are full of and that you would like your partner to be more like them. Such sex dreams are not a perversion but wishful thinking hoping that your partner was more like them!


Same sex dreams


Dreaming about same sex sexual liaisons does not amount to the fact that you are in fact a closeted gay/lesbian/bi-curious. Experts are of the opinion that girl-on-girl dreams for example more often than not indications of the fact that these women are proud of their femininity and that is why they find it being expressed through their dreams. Therefore, if you have recently achieved something that is a like a pat on the back for your gender, it is highly likely that you will dream of an intimate time with someone from your sex!

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