Sex Can Wipe off Your Memory

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Nov 09, 2011

Did you know that sex can wipe off your memory temporarily? Well, it’s uncommon but true! An episode of sexual intercourse can actually lead to what we call transient amnesia. It is a phenomenon where chunks of memory, mostly associated with past 24 hours or so, is completely erased out. A patient suffering from sex related memory loss also has difficulty in retaining newer memories. However, the good news is that, this condition only affects around three to five people in every hundred thousand! Besides, the symptoms do not linger, in most cases.


Some Crucial Facts:

  • The specific term for sex related memory loss is “transient global amnesia”. The symptoms include a sudden  memory loss which is onlytemporary.
  • Sex can wipe off your memory temporarily, but there are no associated side effects of this disease. The symptoms would reverse in a matter of hours.
  • Just because the memory has been erased, it does not mean that the normal behaviour and mannerisms of the patients would change. They would remain just as cheerful and chatty. There would be no lack of mental alertness as well. Therefore, apart from missing memory, there would be no apparent abnormality visible.
  • Most people, who suffer from a sex related memory loss of temporary origin, would typically experience it only once. Although there aren’t any proven theories which state that the chance of a  repeat episode is completely ruled out, prevailing trends show that no one has ever experienced it twice in their lives.
  • Most often, sex associated memory loss would be experienced in individuals between the age of fifty to sixty years.
  • Though sex can wipe off your memory for a while, it cannot cause any damage to the brain cells. A CT scan performed on a woman suffering from ‘transient global amnesia’ due to sexual intercourse has not exhibited any sign of unusualness or brain damage.
  • Recent findings however claim that, the actual source of the problem might not be in the brain but could have actually originated in the neck. Valve insufficiency in the jugular veins was detected in several patients suffering from sex related memory loss.

The actual reason behind “transient global amnesia” is yet to be found. Similarly, predicting its onset is also impossible. This unpredictability is one aspect which might be difficult to deal with.



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