Sex after Sixty

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Mar 27, 2012

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Sex after Sixty

Sex after 60, according to many people, is almost non-existent in the society. The imperative that goes unnoticed or ignored is that senior sex is as much active as is any other. There are several stereotypes that hang on around the concept of aging and sexual desire. With stress (which heightens with age) being one of the common causes of loss of sexual desire after a certain point in time, seniors have been absolutely outcaste from the arena of sex.


Surprisingly, the stereotypes have been proved inaccurate by a recent survey of married women and men in the age group of 60 and 64. The survey showed that 87% of married men and about 89% of married women still enjoyed sex with their spouse. Senior sex is different from sex between young people because young adults focus more on performance while seniors perceive sex as an act of companionship and intimacy. [Read: Sex Life after Menopause]

Here are a few myths and facts about sex after sixty.


Use or lose

You are not far from knowing that as one ages, his/her bodily functions turn down. In some men, it may be difficult to maintain an erection though this is not true with everybody. Some women may experience a poor sex life post menopause due to loss of sexual desire, but this is may not occur to every woman. However factual the lack of sexual desire in senior men and women may be, it does not apply to everyone. Sex after sixty should not come in as a surprise because there are many senior couples, who have an active sex life even after 60.



Women over 60 have a decreased sexual desire

Another myth about sex over 60 is that women lose their ability to have sex after menopause, which is not true for every woman. Menopause does reduce the level of estrogen in the body and cause changes in the genital area and natural lubrication. Post-menopause feelings that a woman goes through vary from one to another.


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Losing Erection

Another myth that is associated with men and sex over 60 is that they lose the ability to maintain an erection. This myth may be factual for some males but not all over 60. Not being able to maintain erection and impotence is not associated with age. It can occur at any stage and there is a decent chance that you lose your ability to maintain erection at the age of 40. [Read: How to get rid of Erectile Dysfunction]


Sex after sixty, therefore, is not non-existent as you may think. If you are sixty and score a negative on your sex life, the aforementioned tips should help bring back memories of youghtful yore.


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