5 Secrets of a Healthy Dating Relationship

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Sep 08, 2011

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Healthy dating+How should couples keep their relationship alive after dating for a long time? Separation can loom with your cherished dating mate anytime if you take it for granted. No relationship works out well without the couples working on it. If you want your dating relationship to survive and lead to something much more meaningful, use some tips given below.


Best Kept Secrets for a Healthy Dating Relationship

  • Trustworthiness – Your partner should feel that you are trustworthy. This involves honest and straightforward communication. Lying to your partner and being caught later is the worst thing that can happen for the stability of your relationship. Confiding to your partner and being truthful will instil respect for you. On the other hand, once your lie is found out, the lost respect and trust may never be rebuilt.
  • Refuse the date if you do not feel well – You should be ready to say no to your date if you do not feel like it. If work or any other chore has taken a toll on your body and mind, it is much better to refuse. Otherwise, you will ruin your partner’s whole day. Your date may insist on it but be firm when you know it would not go down well. Promise to make the next date a memorable one.
  • Making outing plans together – When you plan to go for movies, attend birthday parties or vacations, make sure that it fits into the schedule of both of you. Do not have a plan about which your partner does not know anything. Respect each other’s time when planning on any of these outings. The decision for such activities should be made after discussion with your partner and not all by yourself.
  • Your expectations may not be met – First of all, it is of essence that you do not have unreasonable expectations from your partner. But most importantly, do not expect your partner to fulfil these every time, especially if you have not communicated them. Many times, it is the mistake of hiding expectations that brings about a rift in a relationship.
  • Be considerate of your partner’s career – Learn to support the aspirations and career goals of your partner. You must respect what your partner does for a living and avoid the feeling of competition. Respecting each other’s career would bring about harmony in your relationship and it would be one of the foundation pillars of a meaningful long-lasting bond.


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