Scalp care tips for women

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Dec 16, 2011

Scalp care tips for women

If you thought that oiling, cleansing and conditioning your hair were crucial elements to maintain your hair, you need to think again. You scalp needs to be taken care of, even more than your hair. It is the hair follicles which are pore like structures on your scalp that enable hair to strengthen and grow. Scalp care is often ignored by women. An unhealthy scalp can never grow healthy hair.

Some Scalp Care Tips for Women

  • Dandruff is a result of a dry and flaky scalp. Women between 14-28 years often complain of dandruff. Ensure that you don’t have an itchy scalp, oil your hair and more so during winters. You can use warm coconut oil to massage your scalp in a soft circular motion. Massing your scalp will make your hair follicles stronger and promote hair growth.  Some people have dry dandruff which is flaky and tends to be visible on black clothing even more, while others have oily dandruff that sticks to the hair strands. To cure the oily kind of dandruff, use a small amount of non stick oil to massage, massage your scalp and rinse your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo.
  • Women predominantly complain of weak hair that easily break and is visible on combs and rubber bands. Weak hair is again a sign of an unhealthy scalp, implying that your scalp’s nutritional needs are not being met. Take vitamin supplements and increase the intake of iron to ensure strong hair and prevent hair fall. Hair fall may also occur owing to the inability of the roots to absorb the oil applied on the scalp. This could happen due to closed hair follicles. To open hair follicles and enhance hair growth, stream your hair with a hot towel wrapped around your head. It will catalyse oil absorption and fortify the hair follicle and prevent hair fall.
  • Know the technique to wash your hair. Apply the shampoo on your scalp, rub it lightly on the roots of the hair and rinse well with water. This will ensure proper cleansing of the hair and clear your scalp of dirt particles and other impurities that hinder hair growth.
  • Scalp odour is not considered as important an issue as body odour. But women are increasingly becoming aware of the impact of scalp odour and finding ways to retain the fragrance of the hair. Many women apply artificial perfumes which may eventually lead to greying and are not considered a good option. The best way to keep the odour away is to cleanse your hair with a mild anti-bacterial shampoo on a daily basis and condition the ends.

Massage your scalp with coconut oil, cleanse and wash your scalp on a daily basis and get rid of an itchy flaky scalp. Now, don’t stress over your tress!


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